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Guy Deplus is a French clarinetist.

Deplus studied clarinet at the Conservatoire de Paris and received Premiers Prix in clarinet and chamber music.[1] He was a professor of clarinet at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and is now retired.[2] He taught many French orchestral clarinetists. He was also one of the clarinetists who collaborated with Buffet Crampon on the creation of the Tosca and Festival clarinets.[3] Together with Pierre Boulez, Deplus cofounded the "Concerts du Domaine Musical".[1] He was a soloist in the Paris Opera. Deplus received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Clarinet Association (for "Outstanding Performance, Teaching, Research, and Service to the Clarinet).[4]


  • Olivier Messiaen - Never Before Released, with Christian Lardé and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Jade, 2008.
  • (Le) Domain Musical 1956 - 1967, with various artists. Accord, 2006.
  • Autour de Mozart, with Olivier Voize and Quatuor Sollare. Quantum, 1996.
  • Homage To Stravinsky, Soloists & Domaine Musical Ensemble, Conductor Pierre Boulez. 3 Pieces For Clarinet, Everest 3184.


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