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Guy Hasson (Hebrew: גיא חסון‎‎) is an Israeli playwright, film maker and science fiction writer. While he writes plays and scripts mainly in Hebrew, his fiction is almost exclusively written in English. He is a two-time winner of the Israeli Geffen Award: he won it in 2003 for his story "All-of-Me(TM)" and in 2005 for his story "The Perfect Girl". Since 2006 he has focused on production of original films, including the feature-length A Stone-cold Heart.

Books Published by Guy Hasson[edit]

  • Life: The Game, published by Bitan Publishers, 2005, as "Metziut: Hamischak". A Young Adult novel.
  • Hatchling, published by Bitan Publishers, 2003, as "Hatzad Ha'afel". A short story collection.
  • Hope for Utopia, 2002 e-book edition no longer available. Reprinted by Fictionwise, 2005. A short novel.
  • In The Beginning..., 2001 English e-book edition no longer available, serialised in Hebrew on the Bli Panika webzine 2003 as "Hatzel Shel Elohim". A short novel.

Partial List of Plays Written/Directed by Guy Hasson[edit]

  • Snookums and Huggybuns, written and directed by Guy Hasson, appeared in the ZOA.
  • The Kid Who Turned Into an Egg, written by Guy Hasson, Directed by Avraham Dana, appeared in the 1996 Haifa International Festival for Children and Youth. A children's play.
  • Salomon's Stories, written by Isaac Hasson, directed by Guy Hasson, appeared in Tsavta 2.
  • Every Chair's Nightmare, written and directed by Guy Hasson, appeared in Focus.
  • Aleph-Noon, written by Guy Hasson, appeared in The Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater.

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