Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper

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Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper
Cover to issue #1 of Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper (March 2007).
Publication information
Publisher Virgin Comics
Format Ongoing series
Publication date March 2007–
Creative team
Writer(s) Guy Ritchie, Andy Diggle
Artist(s) Mukesh Singh
Creator(s) Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper is a comic book series from Virgin Comics and film director Guy Ritchie. Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to the series for Silver Pictures to produce and Ritchie to direct.


Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper was created by Guy Ritchie, and the first volume was written by Andy Diggle, with art and color by Mukesh Singh, the current artist of Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter, also from Virgin Comics.

Volume 2 is being written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Ron Randall and Ron Chan, with covers by Singh.


The man known only as Brock lives a quiet existence as gamekeeper on a secluded Scottish estate. The tranquility is disrupted when Russian paramilitary mercenaries storm the estate and kill Jonah Morgan, Brock’s friend and owner of the estate. To avenge Jonah’s death and protect a secret equation, Brock must turn predator and journey deep into an unfamiliar, urban underworld. Throughout his journey, he is plagued by a dark past and his son's death.[1]


Issue #1 was released in March 2007. The trade paperback entitled "Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper: Tooth and Claw", which includes issues #1–5, was released in October 2007.


The series has received an overall favorable critical reception. A review of issue #1 by Wizard Entertainment praised the artwork and the story for its characterizations and plot twists. Issue #1 received a B+ by Variety blog Bags and Boards, which commended its originality and artwork.[2]

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