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Also known asGyebaek, Warrior's Fate[1]
Written byKim Geun-hong
Directed byJung Hyung-soo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes36
Executive producerHan Hee (MBC)
ProducersKim Kwang soo
Kim Dong gu
Lee Sun sang
Running time70 minutes
Production companiesGyebaek SPC
Curtain Call
Original networkMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original releaseJuly 23 (2011-07-23) –
November 22, 2011 (2011-11-22)

Gyebaek (Korean계백; Hanja階伯) is a 2011 South Korean period drama series, starring Lee Seo-jin, Cho Jae-hyun, Song Ji-hyo and Oh Yeon-soo . It aired on MBC from July 23 to November 22, 2011 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 32 episodes.

The series was filmed at MBC Dramia in Gyeonggi Province.[2]


Set in the Baekje kingdom in the mid-7th century, the drama chronicles the life and times of the storied warrior great General Gyebaek who is remembered in history for leading Baekje's last stand against the Silla in the Battle of Hwangsanbeol. Gyebaek dies at the final battle with Silla kingdom.


  • Lee Seo-jin as Gyebaek – The last general of the Bakjae, who was a great tactician of war that he ones defeated Silla army with thousands of soldiers with mere 20 soldiers and as well a honest man. His first love is Eun ko, who later becomes the queen of king Ui-Ja, who is the last ruler of the Bakjae which disappoints Gyebaek to death. He later marries Cho Young and has 2 children with her. In his blink of death the only thing comes to his mind is his wife and two children.
  • Cho Jae-hyun as King Uija the last ruler of Bakjae – The son of King Mu and Queen Seonhwa who was once a princess of Silla. He is the last ruler of Bakjae who consider Gyabaek as his own younger brother. Gyabaeks father was a general when Ui-ja's father was the king that king Mu (ui-jas father) same like Ui-Ja considers Gyebaeks father Mu-Jin as his younger brother and also Ui-Ja considers him as the most precious person in the world for him. He is a wise character who pretends to be mad when he was a prince to be safe from his step mother Sa taek bi the second queen of king Mu and the lover of Mu jin who is Gyebaeks father when they were young, but Mu jin discarded her after a displacement of a cruel act which she does because of her love for Mu jin. Ui Ja also loves Eun ko that he makes her his concubine when he is the crown prince which also diminished Ui ja and Gyebaeks relationship.[3]
  • Song Ji-hyo as Queen Eun'go (The last queen of Bakjae) – Gyabaeks first love. A wise and rightful women (not very friendly with people) who later becomes an evil and the one who is responsible for downfall of great Bakjae kingdom (she deals with silla for her greedy ambitions). Her father was executed by Sa Taek Bi for writing a petition against framing Gyebaeks father General Mu-Jin and Ui-Jas mother Queen seonhwa whom were framed as Silla spies. Later she and her mother, who were sold as slaves, were bought by a lady and Eun ko was later made the head of merchant guild.[4][5]
  • Oh Yeon-soo as Sa Taek-bi-second wife of King Mu who later becomes 2nd Queen of Bakjae. Her family controls Bakjae that king has turned into a puppet with no power despite his brain and skills. She never underestimates king that she knows what he is capable of. She had deep feelings for Mu jin who is the father of Gyebaek, but ultimately becomes King Mu's 2nd wife concubine Sa and also the master of Wi-je group a group which says that exists for the betterment of Bakjae but only do evil deeds. She was discarded by Mu jin despite her pure love for Mu-Jin since her evilness. She is a wise character that cannot be deceived easily.
  • Hyomin as Cho-young (Gyebaek's Wife) love and wife of Gyebaek. She has a special ability in martial arts. She was the servant of Eun ko whom Gyebaek loved first. She secretly loved Gyebaek back when Eun ko and Gyebaek was in love. Later she leaves Eun ko and becomes a military officer of Gyebaeks army. Later on she comes into bad terms with Eun ko. Cho Young pleads Eun-ko on the day of her bestowment as queen to help Gyabeak when he was being discharged of all military responsibilities because of king Ui-Ja becomes envious of the respect and honour towards Gyebaek from the Bakjae subjects. But she refuses and after several incidents while king was going to kill Gyebaek Cho Young tries to stop him and the king after being furious strike Cho Young with a sword then tell all of them to go far away and not to appear before him (but later on king Ui-Ja summons Gyabeak again). After regaining consciousness Cho Young confesses her love to Gyebaek and after that they marry and have two children.
  • Jin Tae-hyun as Gyo-ki-Ui-Jas half brother, the son of King Mu and Sa taek bi. A character who is a pure evil who considers his half brother Ui-Ja as his opponent to the crown.
  • Choi Jong-hwan as King Mu – A wise king who is the 20th ruler of Bakjae and father of King Ui-Ja
  • Cha In-pyo as Mu-jin-Loyal subject of Bakjae and Gyebaeks father.
  • Shin Eun-jung as Queen Seonhwa – The 1st queen of King Mu and mother of King Ui-Ja
  • Jeon No-min as Sung-choong
  • Yoon Da-hoon as Dok-kye
  • Kim Yu-seok as Heung-soo
  • Go Yoon-hoo as Dae-soo
    • Lee Poong-woon as teen Dae-soo
  • Jang Hee-woong as Yong-soo
    • Lee Chan-ho as teen Yong-soo
  • Jo Kyung-hoon as Baek-pa
  • Yoon Won-seok as Po-deuk
  • Park Sung-woong as Kim Yushin
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Kwi-woon
  • Jung Sung-mo as Yoon-choong
  • Kim Byung-ki as Sa Taek Jeok Deok
  • Kwon Yong-woon as Chun-dol
  • Jo Sang-ki as Nam-jo
  • Kim Joong-ki as Ki-mi
  • Seo Beom-sik as Sa-gul
  • Choi Jae-ho as Ui-jik
  • Kim Dong-hee as Eun-sang
  • Im Hyun-sik as Yeon Moon-jin
  • Soon Dong-woon as Jin-kook
  • Lee Byung-sik as Hyub-jong
  • Jung Han-heon as Baek-eun
  • Jung Ki-sung as Yeon Choong-min
  • Chae Hee-jae as Cho Raeng-yi
  • Lee Tae-kyung as vestal
  • Lee Han-wi as Im-ja
  • Oh Ji-young as Jung-hwa
  • Choi Ran as Young-myo
  • Ryu Je-hee as Hyo-so
  • Park Yu-hwan as Buk-jo
  • Kim Hye-sun as Eul-nyeo
  • Kim Hyun-sung as Moon-geun
    • Lee Tae-ri as teen Moon-geun (credit as Lee Min-ho)
  • Kim Yoo-jin as Yeol-bae
  • Lee Dong-kyu as Kim Chunchu-Next in line for the crown of Silla after Queen Seondeok
  • Han Ji-woo as Yeon Tae-yeon
  • Jung So-young as Myung-joo
  • Kwak Min-seok as Mok Han-deok
  • Kang Chul-sung as Yushin's senior

Awards & Nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref
2011 MBC Drama Awards PD Award Choi Jong-hwan Won
PD Award Kim Jung-tae Won
Best New Actress - Miniseries Hyomin Won
Excellence Actress Award -Miniseries Song Ji-hyo Nominated
2012 The 48th Baeksang Arts Awards Male Popularity Award - TV Lee Seo-jin Nominated [7]
Female Popularity Award - TV Song Ji-hyo Nominated

International broadcast[edit]


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