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Gypsy Queen may refer to:


  • "Gypsy Queen", a 1970s song written by Australian musicians Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst, and recorded by Australian band Country Radio
  • "Gypsy Queen", a 20th-century song written by Hungarian jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó
  • "Gypsy Queen", a song by the Romanian house-music band Sunrise Inc.
  • "Gypsy Queen", a song from the 1977 album Rock City by the American heavy-metal band Riot
  • "Gypsy Queen", a song from the 1970 album His Band and the Street Choir by the Northern Irish musician Van Morrison
  • "Gypsy Queen (Parts 1 & 2)", a song from the 1979 album Gypsy by the American progressive-rock band Gypsy


  • Gypsy Queen, a title given to female Gypsies considered leaders within their community, and/or through inheritance of title
  • The Gypsy Queen, a 1913 American short comedy silent film starring Fatty Arbuckle
  • Gypsy Queen, a brand of tobacco made by Goodwin & Company
  • de Havilland Gipsy Queen, a six-cylinder aircraft engine
  • Mediterranean eats served in a warm, cheery store with imported goods & wine, plus a covered patio. Owned and operated by Suzy Salwa Phillips originally from Beirut Lebanon, currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina.

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