Gypsy in Amber

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Gypsy in Amber
First edition
Author Martin Cruz Smith
Published January 1, 1971 by (publ. Putnam)
Media type Print
Pages 192 pages
ISBN 0-399-10386-4
Followed by Canto for a Gypsy

Gypsy in Amber is a 1971 mystery novel by American novelist Martin Cruz Smith as "Martin Smith".[1] It was first published on January 1, 1971 through Putnam and was Smith's second novel and first mystery novel.

Gypsy in Amber was nominated for an Edgar Award.[2] The novel was optioned for a television series in 1974 with the title Roman Grey.[3] A pilot episode was filmed but not picked up for a full series.[4] The pilot episode was aired as a TV movie entitled The Art of Crime and was poorly received.[5]

Plot Summary[edit]

The story's protagonist is Romano Grey, a gypsy antique expert who is pulled into a murder investigation when one of his friends dies in an automobile accident and is posthumously accused of the murder of a girl whose body, neatly sliced into six pieces, is found at the scene of the accident. Grey reappears in Canto for a Gypsy, published in 1972.


The Montreal Gazette gave a positive review for the work, calling it "captivating".[6]


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