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First edition (publ. Random House)

Rose is a novel by Martin Cruz Smith published in 1996. The story is set in 1872 Wigan, Lancashire, England, a district with extensive coal mines.


Jonathan Blair, a mining engineer, returns from Africa's Gold Coast and, on finding his native England utterly depressing, falls into melancholy and alcoholism. Blair wishes desperately to return to Africa, so, in exchange, he agrees to investigate the disappearance of a local curate engaged to marry the daughter of Blair's patron. With the unexpected assistance of Rose, a Wigan 'pit brow girl', Blair solves the mystery and, in the process, finds himself as well.


As a human being as well as an (ad hoc) investigator, Jonathan Blair does bear more than a passing resemblance to the Russian Chief Investigator found in the sprawling series of seven "Arkady Renko" novels also penned by Martin Cruz Smith. He stubbornly avoids taking the easy way out and repeatedly risks life and limb in the process.


The book has been translated into


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