Gyrid of Sweden

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Gyrid Olafsdottir
Queen consort of Denmark
Reign 952–970
Predecessor Thyra
Successor Tove of the Obotrites
Spouse Harald Bluetooth
House House of Munsö (by birth)
House of Denmark (by marriage)
Father Olof (II) Björnsson
Mother Ingeborg Thrandsdotter

Gyrid Olafsdottir of Sweden, also called Gyrithe Olafsdottir and Gunnhild, (10th century) was a Swedish princess and a Danish Viking Age queen consort, the spouse of King Harald Bluetooth.


Gyrid was the daughter of King Olof (II) Björnsson of Sweden and Queen Ingeborg Thrandsdotter. She was not the sister of the Swedish throne claimant Styrbjörn Starke, who was a Norwegian that used a false claim to be the son of former king Olof (II) Björnsson (who was already dead) in order to challenge Olof's brother Erik for the Swedish throne.

Gyrid is thought to have married Harold Bluetooth, who actually supported the previously mentioned Norwegian in his invasion attempt of Sweden.




Gyrid of Sweden
Born: 10th century
Preceded by
(Queen consort)
Royal Consort of Denmark
(Queen consort)
Succeeded by
Tove of the Obotrites
(Queen consort)