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Stadtteil of Lüneburg
Häcklingen  is located in Germany
Coordinates: 53°12′38″N 10°23′31″E / 53.21056°N 10.39194°E / 53.21056; 10.39194Coordinates: 53°12′38″N 10°23′31″E / 53.21056°N 10.39194°E / 53.21056; 10.39194
Country Germany
State Lower Saxony
District Lüneburg
Town Lüneburg
Population (2008-12-31)
 • Total 2,478
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 21335
Dialling codes 04131

Häcklingen is a village in the municipality of Lüneburg, about 6 km from the town centre. It has an area of 4.997 hectares (12.35 acres) and is bordered to the west by Rettmer. To the north it is separated from the district of Bockelsberg by a small wood, to the east it is bordered by Uelzener Straße (the old B 4 highway). The next nearest village to the south is Melbeck.

Chair of the council is Dr. Uwe Plath (CDU); he followed Susanne Pulsfort (CDU) who had been in the post for many years.


Burial mounds and artefacts from the Federmesser culture indicate that the area has been settled since the New Stone Age.

In 1562 the convent of St. Michael’s monastery built a pond in Häcklingen.

At least since 1696 there has been cooperation between Häcklingen and the neighbouring village of Rettmer. In that year there were reports of a teacher in Rettmer who also taught children from Häcklingen.

In 1792 the school was built, children from Rettmer attending from the outset.

In 1885 Häcklingen was incorporated in the newly created district of Lüneburg. Prior to that it had been subordinated to the district office of Lüne (Amt Lüne).

On 8 May 1902 the Lüneburg-Rettmer voluntary fire service (Freiwillige Feuerwehr) was founded. This was a result of new legal requirements, according to which every village had to have its own fire service. In 1934 it was divided. On 11 September the independent fire service, Freiwillige Feuerwehr Häcklingen, was formed.

On 18 August 1903 the village formed its own football club, the FC Favourite Lüneburg, which merged on 10 December 1905 with the FC Hansa Lüneburg to become SV Eintracht Lüneburg.

In 1942 there were widespread forest fires in the region due to air raids.

On 30 April 1945 the headquarters of the 2nd Britisch Army under Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery was set up in Häcklingen. Shortly afterwards the surrender of the German forces in North Germany was accepted on the hill of Timeloberg.

In 1971 the Häcklingen Tennis Club was founded.

In 1974 the village was incorporated into the town of Lüneburg as part of the regional and administrative reforms in Lower Saxony.

In 2002 a daycare centre was built.

In 2003 the primary school was expanded in order to handle the growing number of children of school age it its catchment area. From then on it was three-tiered.

In 2006 the primary school was given a new gymnasium and solar panels on the roof of the school building and gym. In addition a new community centre was built for Häcklingen and Rettmer: the Bonhoeffer-Haus.

In 2007 the Lüneburg Montessori Primary School moved to Häcklingen, where it is accommodated in containers formerly used by the psychiatric clinic.

Growth in population[edit]

Year Population
1900 151
1925 191
1933 206
1939 207
31 December 1992 1,271
31 December 1993 1,242
31 December 1994 1,231
31 December 1995 1,220
31 December 1996 1,339
31 December 1997 1,719
Year Population
31 December 1998 1,940
31 December 1999 2,177
31 December 2000 2,326
31 December 2001 2,399
31 December 2002 2,476
31 December 2003 2,455
31 December 2004 2,432
31 December 2005 2,469
31 December 2006 2,498
31 December 2007 2,495
Year Population
31 December 2008 2,478


The village has a baker’s, a chemist’s, a supermarket a small Sparkasse bank branch, an Italian restaurant, a biomarket and a branch of a bookshop chain.

The ladies tennis team plays in the association league, the men’s team won the championship at district level in 2006.

In 1994 the southern fire station Wache Süd was built in Rettmar, to house the three southern fire services of Häcklingen, Rettmer and Oedeme under one roof.

Since 2000 the Häcklingen fire service has deployed to incidents from Wache Süd. In 2005/2006 the old Häcklingen fire station was converted by volunteers into a youth fire station.