H. A. Moyer (automobile)

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H. A. Moyer, Maker of Fine Carriages and Automobiles
TypeAutomobile Manufacturing
GenreTouring Cars, Runabouts, Special Bodied Vehicles
FounderHarvey A. Moyer (1853–1935)
DefunctNovember, 1915
FateDiscontinued Auto Manufacturing. Incorporates (H. A. Moyer, Inc.) and becomes dealer for Stearns-Knight and Velie (automobiles)
Area served
United States
Automotive parts
OwnerHarvey A. Moyer
Number of employees
ParentH. A. Moyer Carriage Company

H. A. Moyer Automobile Company (1908–1915), a manufacturer of luxury automobiles in Syracuse, New York, was founded by Harvey A. Moyer (1853–1935) of Clay, New York.[1] The company began business in 1876 in Cicero, New York, as H. A. Moyer Carriage Company. As the era of the horse-drawn carriage came to an end, Moyer switched assembly to motor vehicles, although he still produced carriages for some time after that.


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