H. F. Samuels

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H. F. Samuels was the leading spokesman of the Idaho chapter of the Non-Partisan League and later the Idaho Progressive Party in the 1910s and 1920s.

Samuels became a multi-millionaire in the mining industry in Northern Idaho. Originally a Republican, with Non-Partisan League support, in 1918, Samuels won the Democratic nomination for Governor of Idaho despite strong opposition from the Democratic Party leadership. However, Samuels was defeated by Republican D. W. Davis.

After Idaho repealed the direct primary in 1919, the Non-Partisan League formed the Idaho Progressive Party. Idaho Progressives nominated Samuels as their gubernatorial candidate in 1922 and 1924. Although Samuels beat the Democratic candidates in both elections, he was ultimately defeated in both by Republican Charles C. Moore.

In 1926 Samuels won the Progressive United States Senate nomination, again bested the Democratic nominee (John F. Nugent), but lost to the Republican (Frank R. Gooding). He retired from public life after the demise of the Idaho Progressive Party in 1928.