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FormationJune 2011

HKGolden50 (Chinese: 香港黃金五十) is a small policy research organisation in Hong Kong. It claims to be 'non-political, non-profit, independent' although its prime mover is former Executive Council-member Franklin Lam. The group publishes research reports on perceived opportunities and bottlenecks in Hong Kong. The research team consists of Lam and nine post-80s members.[1]


Lam, a former UBS property analyst and fund manager, founded the organisation in June 2011.[2]


Research findings have been published in the local print media,[3][4][5][6] The team has been interviewed on local radio[7] and its findings have been picked up by local television news.[8]

HKGolden50 also disseminates its research findings through lectures and discussions at professional associations,[9][10] governmental and non-governmental institutions,[11] as well as community talks open to the general public.[12]


HKGolden50 has published several reports:

  • Hong Kong - The Golden 5 Years and the Decline that may follow...? (Chinese: 香港黃金五年﹕盛衰關鍵)[13]
  • How to become a World City: Lessons from London (Chinese: 實現香港潛能 躍升國際都會:借鏡倫敦)[14][15]
  • How to Invest $100bn for Our Future (Chinese: 如何為我們的將來投資一千億)[16]
  • How to Create A World-Class Medical System (Chinese: 如何建立世界級醫療系統)[17]


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