HMS Aglaia

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  • Aglaé (Unknown-1782)
  • HMS Aglaia (1782-1783)
Namesake: Aglaia
Acquired: 18 April 1782
Fate: Sold, 5 June 1783
General characteristics
Complement: 121
Armament: 20 × 6 & 9-pounder guns

HMS Aglaia was the French privateer Aglaé, captured in 1782 and brought into the Royal Navy.[1][Note 1] She was sold in 1783.


On 18 April 1782 Eolus was off Cape Cornwall on her way to Waterford when she encountered the French privateer Aglaé, of Saint Malo. After a chase of eight hours, Captain Collins of Eolus succeeded in capturing his quarry. She was a ship of twenty 6 and 9-pounder guns, with a crew of 121 men, under the command of Sieur Dugué du Laurent. She had been cruising for six days but had taken any prizes.[2]


The Admiralty sold Aglaia on 5 June 1783.

Notes, citations, and references[edit]


  1. ^ She was named, in both French and English for Aglaia, a figure from Greek mythology.


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