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A number of ships Royal Navy have been named HMS Echo, after the Echo of Greek mythology

Other ships

In addition to these ships, a number of vessels have been taken up from trade and named Echo while in government service:

  • Echo was a dockyard tank vessel previously named Luda. She was purchased in 1887 and sold in 1928.
  • Echo was a whaler, previously named Barrowby, built in 1912 at Oslo, and of 182 tons (BRT). She was purchased in January 1915 at Durban, South Africa, one of several purchased there and then. During her naval service she was armed with one 12-pounder gun and two 3-pounders, and served in East Africa, particularly in operations in the Rufiji River in 1915. The Admiralty sold her on 6 March 1919 back to her owners, Irvin & Johnson, who returned her name to Barrowby.
  • Echo was a trawler launched in 1897, of 165 tons (BRT), and with Hull-reg H.367; she was hired between 1915 and 1921 and served as a boom defense vessel.
  • Echo was a drifter, formerly a French minesweeper seized in 1940, renamed Resound later that year, and returned in 1946.