HMS Fervent (1895)

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United Kingdom
Name: HMS Fervent
Builder: Hanna, Donald & Wilson, Paisley
Launched: 20 March 1895[1]
Fate: Broken up, 29 April 1920[1]
General characteristics
Class & type: Fervent-class destroyer
Displacement: 275 long tons (279 t)
Length: 200 ft (61 m)
Propulsion: 3,850 shp (2,871 kW)
Speed: 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph)
Complement: 53

HMS Fervent was a Fervent-class destroyer which served with the Royal Navy. Fervent was launched on 28 March 1895 at Paisley.[2]

She proved slower than originally hoped and even when fitted with new water tube boilers could only make 26.7 knots (49.4 km/h) at her trials. She was accepted for service despite failing to make the 27-knot (50 km/h) target. Fervent served in home waters after belatedly leaving her builders, Hanna, Donald & Wilson, in 1901, six years after she was launched. Lieutenant C. H. France-Hayhurst was appointed in command in March 1902,[3] but the ship was temporarily paid off at Portsmouth the following month to be strengthened,[4] and France-Hayhurst re-appointed to attend a signal course.


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