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HP 38G

The HP 38G (F1200A, F1892A) is a programmable graphing calculator by Hewlett Packard. It was introduced in 1995 with a suggested retail price of 80 USD. HP credits a committee of eight high school, community college, and university teachers with assisting in the design of the calculator.

The calculator is derived from and the hardware based on the more powerful science/engineering oriented HP 48 series of machines.

The HP 38G, unlike most of HP's other calculators, uses infix notation rather than Reverse Polish notation. Given the calculator's intended userbase of high school maths and science teachers and students, this is not surprising. The calculator is programmable, supporting small, interactive applications called "aplets" [sic].

After a HP 38G+ prototype was cancelled in 1998, the 38G was replaced by the HP 39G in 2000 (for which an unofficial Computer Algebra System (CAS) aplet came into circulation), hence there is also an HP 39g+, which has no known CAS aplet implementable.

Also, for European and some other authorities an HP 40G with built-in CAS facility has been available. Since 2006, the HP 40G was replaced by the HP 40gs, built on the ARM architecture, and offering both USB and RS-232 connectivity.

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