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HP Networking offers trainings, typically delivered in HP Authorized Trainings Centers (ATCs)[1] by HP Certified Instructors (HPCI).

HP Networking training is an evolution of what HP ProCurve offered as training.

The titles are oriented at the HP Certified Professional Program (HPCP).[2] Candidates can take most of the technical certification tests at Prometric [3] Testcenters. Sales certification tests can be taken online in the Internet.[4] Attending a course is currently not a prerequisite for achieving the titles. Annual based recertification can be achieved via Continuous Learning Program of HPCP.[5]


Sales Training enables IT resellers the ability to competently sell the vendors products.


The Accredited Sales Professional (ASP) certifies that someone knowledgeable of networking concepts, like the OSI Model, and can describe the features & functions ProCurve products.

  • ASP [1] can be done online at [2]


The Accredited Sales Consultant (ASC) expands sales skills, to provide the ability to engage customers at the board level to understand business issues, and to design a solution that will meet evolving networking requirements.


Technical Training enables Network Engineers, to understand the concepts and correct operation of the vendors products.


The Accredited Platform Specialist (APS) will give Service technicians the ability to restore a single ProCurve Networking product (including hardware and internal operating system) to operational level as from factory.

  • Installation and Service [4]


The Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) [5] is the first level of technical certification. ProCurve Networking Primer (Free CBT) is an optional course. The qualification comprises

  • Adaptive Edge Fundamentals [6]


The Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) has three specialisations - Mobility [7], WAN [8] and Network Management [9]. The AIS is a prerequisite before achieving this qualification.

The following are optional, but recommended, and are useful for some pre-knowledge:

  • IP Routing Foundations (Free CBT) (optional)
  • Network Security Fundamentals (Free CBT) (optional)
  • Fundamental WAN Technologies (Free CBT) (optional)

The student must pass the following exams:

  • Building ProCurve Resilient, Adaptive Networks (BPRAN) [10]
  • Security [11]

To achieve the different specialisation, one of the following must be passed:


The Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE) has three specializations - Secure Mobility [15], Security Specialist [16] and Convergence [17]

Both the AIS and one ASE qualification are prerequisites before achieving this qualification.

To achieve the MASE Secure Mobility Specialist, the student must have also passed the ASE - ProCurve Networking & Mobility certification. The following must then be passed:

  • Secure Mobility Solutions [18]

To achieve the MASE Security Specialist, the student must have also passed the ASE - ProCurve Network Management certification. The following must then be passed:

  • Network Access Control [19]
  • Network Immunity [20]

To achieve the MASE Convergence Specialist, the student can have passed ANY ASE certification, plus a VoIP Certification from the following vendors:


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