HVDC Leyte–Luzon

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HVDC Leyte–Luzon
Country The Philippines
Province Leyte Province
Sorsogon Province
Camarines Sur
Coordinates 11°05′19″N 124°38′21″E / 11.08861°N 124.63917°E / 11.08861; 124.63917 (Ormoc Converter Station)
11°23′36″N 124°59′04″E / 11.39333°N 124.98444°E / 11.39333; 124.98444 (HVDC-Crossing of San Juanico Strait)
12°34′01″N 124°16′29″E / 12.56694°N 124.27472°E / 12.56694; 124.27472 (Cabacungan Cable Terminal)
12°39′14″N 124°6′58″E / 12.65389°N 124.11611°E / 12.65389; 124.11611 (Santa Magdalena Cable Terminal)
13°36′40″N 123°14′19″E / 13.61111°N 123.23861°E / 13.61111; 123.23861 (Naga Converter Station)
From Leyte
Passes through San Juanico Strait
To Luzon
Ownership information
Operator National Transmission Corporation
Construction information
Manufacturer of conductor/cable ABB Group
Installer of conductor/cable ABB Group
Manufacturer of substations ABB Group
Installer of substations ABB Group
Commissioned 10 August 1998
Technical information
Type of current HVDC
Total length 451 km (280 mi)
Power rating 440 MW
DC Voltage 350 kV
Number of poles 1

The HVDC Leyte–Luzon is a high voltage direct current transmission link in the Philippines between geothermal power plants on the island of Leyte and the southern part of island of Luzon. The HVDC Leyte – Luzon went in service on 10 August 1998.

The HVDC Leyte – Luzon begins at Ormoc converter station (Leyte Province) and ends at Naga converter station (Province of Camarines Sur). It consists three sections:

The length of submarine cable is 21 kilometres (13 mi) and the total length of overhead lines is 430 kilometres (270 mi). The HVDC Leyte – Luzon can transfer an output of 440 MW. It is implemented as monopolar line for a voltage of 350 kV.

The crossing of San Juanico Strait is realized as overhead crossing with a tower on an island in the strait.

Aim of the HVDC link is to feed the AC grid in the Manila region. Beside of overall connection of grids, the HVDC Leyte – Luzon stabilize the AC network. The interconnector is manufactured by the ABB Group in cooperation with Marubeni Corporation and it's operated by state owned National Transmission Corporation.

The grounding electrodes are situated at Albuera at 10°54′01″N 124°42′24″E / 10.90028°N 124.70667°E / 10.90028; 124.70667 (Albuera electrode line termination tower) and near Calabanga at 13°43′59″N 123°14′29″E / 13.73306°N 123.24139°E / 13.73306; 123.24139 (Calabanga electrode) . They are connected with the converter stations by 25 respecitively 15 kilometres long overhead lines.

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