Haapsalu railway station

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Haapsalu Railway Station
Haapsalu raudteejaam 2010.jpg
The station in 2010.
Coordinates58°56′17″N 23°31′56″E / 58.9381°N 23.5322°E / 58.9381; 23.5322Coordinates: 58°56′17″N 23°31′56″E / 58.9381°N 23.5322°E / 58.9381; 23.5322

Haapsalu Railway Station (Estonian: Haapsalu raudteejaama) was the main railway station in Haapsalu, Estonia.

Construction on the wooden station started in May 1904, with limited train service starting in December 1904. The historical railway station consists of several buildings: the passenger terminal, a train control pavilion, a covered terrace and a covered platform with a length of 216 metres. The single-storey terminal is topped with wooden lace, the two-storey stone waiting room has a clock tower on its north-eastern facade. The interior of the structure has stucco ceilings and floors made of small ceramic tiles; sea views were painted in the 1950s. [1]

The station building was designed by architect K. Verheim and engineer V. Vestfalen, with main construction taking place during 1905–1907. Regular passenger trains used the station until September 1995 and cargo trains until 2004. As of 2014, most of the track has been removed and the former rail bed is used as a bicycle path. [1]


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