Habib Meftah Bushehri

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Habib Meftah Boushehri
Habib Meftah Rudolstadt 10.jpg
Habib Meftah Boushehri at Rudolstadt-Festival 2019]]
Background information
BornBoushehr, Iran
GenresContemporary, jazz
LabelsAvakhorshid, Ohrwurm

Habib Meftah Boushehri

Habib Meftah Boushehri was born in the city Boushehr on the shores of the Persian Gulf and currently resides in Paris. At the age of 10 he had already started playing traditional flutes and percussion instruments. In 1998 Habib entered a 16 year long collaboration with the Shanbezadeh ensemble, and together they were invited to play at several international festivals. In 2001 he was invited to play with the French dance company Montalvo-Hervieu, touring the world yet again. He debuted as a solo artist in 2005 with the album Deyzangeroo, later to be followed by his second album Solouk (Helheleh), a duo with oudist Shahram Gholami. Always looking for new inspiration, he moved to Iran to work with many different Iranian fusion artists such as Manushan, Peter Soleimanipour and Darkoob. Back in Paris, he started playing with the renowned musicians such as Niaz, Azarin Trio, Qasideh, Impure Dance Company, Rumi Ensemble, Trio Joubran, Adnan Joubran and Titi Robin. The most renowned venues Habib has performed at are: - Theatre de la ville (Paris) - Theatre national de Chaillot (Paris) - Louvre museum (Paris) - New Morning (Paris) - Alhambra (Paris) - Theater Antique (Lyon) - Barbican (London) - El rey theatre (Los Angeles) - Carnegie Hall (New york)