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Habiluim (הבילויים)
The Biluim.jpg
Background information
GenresIsraeli rock
Years active1997-present
MembersNoam Enbar
Yammi Wisler
Maya Dunietz
Yoni Silver
Shahar Haziza
Habiluim performing at the Goldstar Zappa club in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Jan. 2, 2006. From left to right: Maya Dunietz, Yoni Silver, Noam Enbar, Yami Wisler, Shahar Haziza.

Habiluim (Hebrew: "הבילויים", a name given to people who took part in the Bilu organization) is an Israeli, theatrical rock and polka band formed in 1996 by Noam Enbar (bass and vocals) and Yammi Wisler (electric guitar) as a reaction to the deep sense of abhorrence they felt listening to contemporary Israeli pop music, which they viewed as a means of escape from the harsh Israeli reality.

The band's songs are grotesque accounts of the Israeli life from a political, social and critical point of view. In their song "Shaul Mofaz" the former minister of defense (Shaul Mofaz) is riding a snow sledge from house to house, giving out amputated organs of dead soldiers to their bereaved families. "Etzot Me'Imma" (Motherly Advice) is a mother's recommendation to her daughter to have an abortion, so her life won't be ruined by the need to raise a child, like her mother's was when she was born.

The grim contents of the band's songs are often accompanied by lively dancing music, drawing from the klezmer sounds of the Jewish ghetto, combined with Russian and Balkan folk music, and inspired by composers such as Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler.

In 2002 the band was joined by pianist Maya Dunietz, and the band was signed by a major Israeli label, NMC Music. Habiluim recorded their first album (self titled), produced by Berry Sakharof (Minimal Compact). The album won critical acclaim and commercial success. Soon afterwards the band was joined by Yoni Silver (violin, saxophones). Throughout the years, several drummers have joined the band, including Shlomi (Kruvi) Lavi and Shahar Haziza. The band also included scratcher DJ Ofer (Schoolmaster) Tal, accordionist Assaf Talmudi and brass player Eyal Talmudi.

In 2006 Habiluim recorded their second album "Bereavement and Failure" ("שכול וכישלון" shchol vekishalon), inspired by the novel of Yosef Haim Brenner by the same name. the album was recorded in New York City, produced by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box), and released in August 2007, also by NMC. The album enjoyed great critical and public acclaim. In an interview in October 2007, Enbar and Wisler characterized the album as a soundtrack to a fictional musical, transposing Brenner's novel into a contemporary setting.


Now Be Our Slaves (1996)[edit]

2."Fantasia BeLama Lo"02:13
3."Kometz Sipurim"01:26
4."Kmo Ze'a"03:02
5."Ein Li Siba Lihiyot Male Tikva Ha'Erev"04:14
6."Yafim VeYafot"04:48
7."Ish Ha'Ofanusim"02:40
9."Pepto Kam BaBoker"02:32
10."Auschwitz Blues"02:49
11."Baron HaAchbarim"04:29
Total length:32:32

Habiluim (2003)[1][edit]

1."Ani Meki" (אני מקיא)1:56
2."Kshe'Napolean Yikhbosh et Akko" (כשנפוליאון יכבוש את עכו)4:39
3."Ma Shlom Hzaken Shel Chin-Ku-Chan" (מה שלום הזקן של צ'ין-קו-צ'ן)4:17
4."Oto Zevel" (אוטו זבל (קח אותי איתך))2:04
5."Merusia" (מרוסיה)4:16
6."Mitbach El Yahud" (מטבח אל יהוד)5:53
7."Leyad Beit Hashechi" (ליד בית השחי)3:14
8."Ein Bagetim Bagetto" (אין בגטים בגטו)2:55
9."Shaul Mophaz" (שאול מופז)4:03
10."Balada Le'em Khad Horit" (בלדה לאם חד הורית)5:39
11."Bachurim Shel Yeshiva" (בחורים של ישיבה)3:01
12."Nifla Po" (נפלא פה)5:42
Total length:46:55

Shchol Vekishalon (Bereavement and Failure) (2007)[2][edit]

1."Bab El-Wad 38A" (באב אל וואד 38/א)4:05
2."Hilik Porcelaina Mistakel Al Hamitz'ad" (חיליק פורצלינה מסתכל על המצעד)2:55
3."Shosh Almozlino" (שוש אלמוזלינו (הייתה צריכה להיות סגורה אצלי באיזה כד))3:39
4."Sheger Peger" (שגר פגר)3:28
5."Tenashev Haruach" (תנשב הרוח)3:33
6."Kalon In G7" (קלון ב-G7)3:46
7."Etzot Me'ima" (עצות מאמא)2:34
8."Shiro Shel Hantz" (שירו של האנץ)4:10
9."Arafel Hazayati" (ערפל הזייתי)0:28
10."Shir Bechasut Hamoatza Leperot Hadar" (שיר בחסות המועצה לפירות הדר)3:35
11."Mashehu Kmo Tea" (משהו כמו תה)5:58
Total length:38:11

Hora Haslama! (2013) (!הורה הסלמה)[3][edit]

1."Nipagesh Al Hachof (ניפגש על החוף)"2:27
2."Zemer Spaot (זמר ספאות)"3:20
3."Hatzeada (הצעדה)"3:32
4."5 Hatzaot Lepitron Hasichsuch (5 הצעות לפיתרון הסכסוך)"3:14
5."Hazman Ha'acharon (הזמן האחרון)"3:02
6."Hora Haslama! (הורה הסלמה!)"3:32
7."Saneti Et Hadira Shelcha (שנאתי את הדירה שלך)"3:15
8."Chayav Lehitargen (חייב להתארגן)"3:41
9."Yeled Nerot (ילד נרות)"1:02
10."Erev Erev (ערב ערב)"3:10
11."Shir Ha'aspest (Kmo Basus) [שיר האספסת (כמו בסוס(]"4:26
12."Miss Tevel (מיס תבל)"4:07
13."Ani Afrikai (אני אפריקאי)"4:14
14."Tiur Shel Ma'avk (Moshe Batieyva) [תיאור של מאבק (משה בתיבה)]"5:06
Total length:48:08








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