Hail Horror Hail

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Hail Horror Hail
Sigh - Hail Horror Hail.jpg
Studio album by Sigh
Released November, 21st 1997
Genre Avant-garde metal, progressive metal, black metal
Length 51:33
Label Cacophonous
Sigh chronology
Ghastly Funeral Theatre
(1997)Ghastly Funeral Theatre 1997
Hail Horror Hail
Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
(1999)Scenario IV: Dread Dreams1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Hail Horror Hail is an album by the band Sigh. It was released by Cacophonous Records originally in 1997.

This is the first full-length album of Sigh's to explore their more well known avant-garde/experimental sound (Ghastly Funeral Theatre marking the true beginnings of their experimentation). An inside sleeve of the album dictates the following passage:

"This album is way beyond the conceived notion of how metal, or music, should be. In Essence it is a movie without pictures; a celluloid phantasmagoria. Accordingly, the film jumps, and another scene, seemingly unconnected with the previous context, is suddenly inserted in between frames. Every sound on this album is deliberate, and if you find that some parts of this album are strange, it isn't because the music is in itself strange, but because your conscious self is ill-equipped to comprehend the sounds produced on this recording."[2]

Hail Horror Hail was listed in the British extreme music magazine Terrorizer as the ninth best release of 1997 and made it on their top 100 list of most important albums of the nineties.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hail Horror Hail" 5:07
2. "42 49" 7:43
3. "12 Souls" 6:56
4. "Burial" 1:30
5. "The Dead Sing" 7:14
6. "Invitation to Die" 5:17
7. "Pathetic" 2:21
8. "Curse of Izanagi" 6:01
9. "Seed of Eternity" 9:19
Total length: 51:33


  • Mirai – vocals, bass guitar, synthesizer, piano, Hammond organ, vocoder, sampling, programming, radio, effects
  • Shinichi – acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar
  • Satoshi – drums, triangle, tambourine, guiro, vibraslap, handclap