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Yulin Naval Base

Coordinates: 18°12′N 109°30′E / 18.2°N 109.5°E / 18.2; 109.5
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Yulin Naval Base (Chinese: 楡林海军基地) is the traditional base of the People's Liberation Army Navy, located in the eastern suburb of Sanya, Hainan Province, China, next to Yulin Port. Further east on Yalong Bay is the new Longpo Naval Base, formerly called "Yulin-East", for the nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.[1]

The base area closest to Sanya is the base for a range of smaller vessels, including a unit of diesel-electric submarines.[2][3]

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18°12′N 109°30′E / 18.2°N 109.5°E / 18.2; 109.5