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In Islamic tradition, Haizum (Arabic: حيزوم‎) is the horse of the archangel Gabriel. It is a white, flaming, spiritual horse that has wings like that of a pegasus and can fly swiftly from one cosmic plane to another in a second. Haizum was God's gift to Gabriel for pleasing Him.

A legend based on sura Ta-Ha, 96 relates that dust from Haizum’s hoofprints was thrown the golden calf’s mouth.

It is mentioned in Sahih Muslim that Abd Allah ibn Abbas said: "While on that day a Muslim from the Ansar was chasing a disbeliever, he heard over him the swashing of a whip and the voice of the rider saying: 'Go ahead Haizum.' He looked at the disbelievers who had fell on the ground on his back. The man came to Allah's Messenger and related the incident, upon which Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) said: "You have told the truth. This was the help from the third Heaven."[1]