Hajime Kazumi

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Hajime Kazumi
Kazumi in the 1990s
Born Kazumi Hajime
(1971-12-14) December 14, 1971 (age 46)
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 100 kg (220 lb; 16 st)
Style Kyokushin Karate
Teacher(s) Tsuyoshi Hiroshige
Rank 6th Dan Black Belt

Hajime Kazumi (数見 肇, Kazumi Hajime) is one of Kyokushin's most successful knockdown karate fighters and an instructor of karate fighting techniques.


Kazumi currently holds 6th dan black belt. He started kyokushin karate at age of fifteen and at age twenty Kazumi defeated many top fighters to reach the finals of the All Japan Karate Tournament. Since then Kazumi has never finished outside of the top two places in any tournament. His effective punching and kicking combinations helped him reach the finals of six All Japan Tournaments in a row, winning four of these to break Keiji Senpai's record. He also reached the finals of two World Open Tournaments where he lost to Francisco Filho on boards and Kenji Yamaki, training partner and fellow student of Tsuyoshi Hiroshige's Jonan Branch.

After the defeat by Filho(Only lost by Tameshiwari of 3 wood boards, the combat was draw), Kazumi returned to the World Championship after winning the 2nd World Weight Category Tournament in Osaka in 2001 and before claiming an unprecedented fifth All Japan Title in 2002 by beating Hitoshi Kiyama in the finals.

Kazumi has integrated Taiki-ken training into his karate practice, and has modified his fighting style to rely on punching and low kicks instead of the high kicks that are characteristic of Kyokushin karate. This strategy made him a successful fighter, demonstrated by his record of wins.

On 24 November 2002, Kazumi officially resigned from Kyokushin-kaikan (Kanchō Shokei Matsui) to join a new organization led by Hatsuo Royama and his instructor Tsuyoshi Hiroshige. Kazumi's reason for leaving the IKO1 was to "pursue true Budo Karate". He later resigned from the newly established Kyokushin-kan organisation to become the leader of an independent group of dojos operating in the Tokyo area.

With Tatsuya Iwasaki, Kazumi is the author of Shinseki Real Karate Bible, a manual for instruction of full-contact kumite (fighting) with accompanying DVD.[1] He also produces Internet training videos for full-contact instruction.

Tournament history[edit]

  • 2nd World Weight Tournament 2001 (IKO1) – 1st Place
  • 7th World Open Tournament 1999 (IKO1) – 2nd Place (Lost to Francisco Filho)
  • 6th World Open Tournament 1995 (IKO1) – 2nd Place (Lost to Kenji Yamaki)
  • 1st World Team Cup 1998 (IKO1) – 1st Place (Defeated Brazil)[2]
  • 34th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 2002 (IKO1) – 1st Place (Defeated Hitoshi Kiyama)
  • 30th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1998 (IKO1) – 1st Place (Defeated Yoshihiro Tamura)
  • 29th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1997 (IKO1) – 1st Place (Defeated Garry O'Neill)
  • 28th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1996 (IKO1) – 1st Place (Defeated Garry O'Neill)
  • 26th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1994 – 2nd Place (Lost to Kenji Yamaki)
  • 25th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1993 – 1st Place (Defeated Yoshihiro Tamura)
  • 24th All Japan Open Karate Tournament 1992 – 2nd Place (Lost to Yoshihiro Tamura)

100 man kumite[edit]

Hajime Kazumi completed his 100 man kumite[3] at the new IKO1 Honbu in 1999. Results were obtained from the official IKO1 site and are as follows:

  • Time per Kumite 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Time Started 11:38
  • Time Finished 15:42
  • Total Fighting Time 3 hours 20 minutes 40 seconds
  • Total Spending Time 4 hours 4 minutes
  • Results 58 wins, 42 draws, no losses
  • Ippons: 16 (Ippon: 2, Awase-Ippon: 14)
  • Wins by decision: 42 (Waza-ari: 15)


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