Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age

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Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age
Directed by Dennis O'Rourke
Produced by Dennis O'Rourke
Written by Dennis O'Rourke
Music by Bob Brozman
Cinematography Dennis O'Rourke
Edited by Tim Litchfield
Distributed by Kino International
Release date
Running time
86 minutes
Country Australia
Language English & Marshallese

Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age is a 1985 Australian documentary film directed by Dennis O'Rourke, concerning the American Castle Bravo nuclear testing at the Marshall Islands in 1954.

The film features interviews with residents of the nearby Rongelap and Utirik Atolls who were affected by nuclear fallout from the tests. Unlike in previous nuclear tests and despite the considerably more powerful nuclear explosion involved, these residents were not relocated to a safer location. Declassified American military footage is included in the production.[1]


In 1986 the film won the Peace Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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