Halib Mentel

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Halib Mentel
هاليب مينتل

Habin Mentel
Halibmentel, Halimentel
A small village in a dry environment. There are some round stone huts in the foreground with conical thatched roofs. In the middle distance is a modern octagonal church with a white dome and cross. There are a few trees scattered in the village, and a donkey and child in the foreground.
Halib Mentel, showing Tukuls and church
Halib Mentelهاليب مينتل is located in Eritrea
Halib Mentelهاليب مينتل
Halib Mentel
هاليب مينتل
Location in Eritrea
Coordinates: 15°44′38″N 38°33′4″E / 15.74389°N 38.55111°E / 15.74389; 38.55111Coordinates: 15°44′38″N 38°33′4″E / 15.74389°N 38.55111°E / 15.74389; 38.55111
Country Flag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea
Region Anseba

Halib Mentel (Arabic: هاليب مينتل‎‎), also referred to as Halibmentel or Halimentel, is a village in Eritrea. It is located approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) east of the city of Keren.


Halib Mentel mostly consists of round huts, known as Tukuls, and has a large Catholic church.[1] The village is situated on the trackbed of the Eritrean Railway, between Asmara and Keren. This closed in 1975, though there are plans to re-open it.[2]


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