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Prof. Hamed Abdel Fattah Goher (11/14 1907-1992) (Arabic: حامد عبد الفتاح جوهر‎‎) was an Egyptian oceanographer, scientist and TV presenter. He appeared for over 18 years in his program 'The world of the seas'.

He was not married and dedicated his life to the sea. Gohar initiated the first full-scale research in ocean studies in Egypt and the Arab countries. In 1931 he began research on Xenia, or soft corals of the Red Sea, finalized in 1939. In 1934 he published a study in the British journal, Nature, on 'The Partnership between Fish and Anemone'.

Gohar's arduous eight-year research on the soft corals in Hurghada earned him a D.Sc. from Cambridge - considered the highest recognition open to unsupervised research.

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