Hamoud Boualem

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Hamoud Boualem
Hamoud logo.png
Country of origin Algeria
Introduced 1878; 139 years ago (1878)

Hamoud Boualem is an Algerian soft drink manufacturing company, producing fizzy drinks popular in Algeria and exported to France, the United Kingdom, and Canada, mainly for consumption by Algerian emigrants. Founded in 1878 with the building of its first factory in the Belcourt neighborhood of Algiers, it is among the country's oldest companies. Their products include sodas such as "Selecto", "Hamoud", "Slim" (in various flavors), and various flavors of syrup. Their head offices are located at 201 rue Hassiba Ben Bouali, Algiers. In Algeria, its market share of 50% is roughly level with that of Coca-Cola (23%) and Pepsi (18%), as of 2005.


A vintage advert poster of the brand

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