Hanımın Çiftliği (TV series)

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Hanımın Çiftliği
The Lady's Farm
Based on Hanımın Çiftliği
by Orhan Kemal
Written by Zülküf Yücel
Directed by Faruk Teber
Starring Mehmet Aslantuğ
Özgü Namal
Caner Cindoruk
Fikret Kuşkan
Ebru Özkan
Country of origin Turkey
Original language(s) Turkish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 70
Producer(s) Faruk Turgut
Location(s) Adana
Running time 60 min.
Original network Kanal D
Original release Turkey
September 4, 2009 - June 17, 2011

Hanımın Çiftliği (English: Lady's Farm) is a Turkish drama series. It has been adapted from Orhan Kemal's novel Hanımın Çiftliği.[1] It has been very praised and won numerous awards.


The plot sets around a poor worker girl named Güllü. She works in a factory and is constantly mistreated by her father and older brother. She is in love with a man named Kemal, a factory worker as well, and they wish to get married but her father won't let her because he wants her to marry Ramazan, the nephew of the factory owner. As the story develops Kemal and Güllü plan to run away together but are stopped by her older brother who comes after them with a gun. Kemal manages to take the gun from Güllüs brother and shoot him but is arrested by the police for doing this. As Kemal ends up in prison, Güllü is beaten worse than before for refusing to marry Ramazan. Her mother cannot stand to see her daughter be abused like this and goes to the prison to persuade Kemal to tell Güllü he does not love her anymore, so she will marry Ramazan. After hearing about the continuing abuse, Kemal agrees to do this and sends Güllü a letter telling her to do what her father says. Güllü feels she has nothing to live for anymore and finally agrees to marry Ramazan. As Ramazan takes Güllü to his uncles farm to marry her there, his uncle spots her and falls madly in love with her. Güllü who absolutely resents Ramazan, agrees to marry his uncle Muzaffer instead even though she doesn't love him. Muzaffer is the factory owner and is extremely wealthy compared to most of the town. As their marriage evolves Güllü starts to fall in love with Muzaffer and they become very happy together. In the later episodes, while Güllü is pregnant, Muzaffer is killed and Güllü is left to run the factory and farm all by herself. Her father and brother still try to interfere with her life but being wealthier and more powerful, she does not let them.

The other factory workers are working twelve hours a day and are not getting paid for some of them and since Güllü knows what they are going through, having been a worker herself, they ask her to improve their conditions.

As the story develops, Güllü tries to make some changes in the factory, deal with her family and find out who murdered her husband. The police then find out that the killer is Güllü's brother, Hamza. Knowing that Hamza cannot plot such thing on his own, the police question him to find out who forced him into killing Muzaffer. After many hours of questioning, Hamza admits that Zekai, the man who manages Muzaffer's factory is the killer. Zekai cannot bear the environment of the prison and hangs himself while he is in the prison. In the meanwhile, Muzaffer's sister, Halide, and his nephew Ramazan try to get their share of lands and money from Muzaffer's will, and Güllü is taken to hospital to give birth to Muzaffer's child.

In the meantime Güllü meets up with Kemal and they fall in love with each other again. During their wedding the workers burn Güllü's house because they didn't get paid. However Güllü did pay their salary its just Zekai that didn't lend the money to the factory workers on purpose so they harm Güllü. When Güllü and Kemal find out that the mansion is on fire they realize that Güllü's baby, Ali, is in their. Kemal quickly runs in and saves the baby however he ends up dying. Years later Ali is a little young boy and they live together in a faraway cottage happily.


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