Hangedup (album)

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Studio album by Hangedup
Released May 21/29, 2001
Recorded 1999-2000 at Hotel2Tango
Genre Post rock
Length 43:59
Label Constellation Records
Hangedup chronology
Kicker In Tow
(2002)Kicker In Tow2002

Hangedup is the self-titled album by Hangedup. It was released in May 2001 on Constellation Records. Its catalog number is CST016.

Ian Ilavsky plays bass on tracks 3 and 8. Efrim Menuck provides additional overdubs on Bring Yr Scuba Gear.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Winternational"
  2. "Propane Tank"
  3. "Powered By Steam"
  4. "New Blue Monday" (title on the insert; the inside cover calls it "New Blue Order")
  5. "Tapping"
  6. "Czech Disco Pt.II"
  7. "Wilt"
  8. "Bring Yr Scuba Gear"