Hangman's Hymn

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Hangman's Hymn
Hangman's Hymn.png
Studio album by Sigh
Released May 23, 2007 (Japan)
June 12, 2007
Recorded Studio Moopies/Studio Sarasvati Jan.-Nov. 2006
Genre Symphonic black metal, avant-garde metal, melodic death metal
Length 44:17
Label Osmose
The End
Soundholic (Japan)
Producer Sigh
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Hangman's Hymn
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Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Hangman's Hymn: Musikalische Exequien is an album by the Japanese heavy metal band Sigh. It is their first album for The End Records. Audio samples on The End website suggest Sigh have kept their clean vocals style as shown on their previous album as well as returned to a black metal-styled vocalization.

Sigh's lead singer Mirai Kawashima has described the style of the music as a "German thrash-metal-meets-symphonies" style. The album sounds more akin to black metal than the band's previous two releases, with far more added symphonic elements.

In June 2006, a message from Kawashima was posted on the Slaughter Garden, asking for vocal help with two parts of the album; he wanted volunteers singing lyrics in Latin to send him audio files so he could build up an epic chorus.

Some tracks of the Album is named after various parts from the Requiem mass. It also holds some progressions and melodies from Mozart's Requiem in D-minor

Samples from the track "Me-Devil" are featured on the Global Metal trailer.

Hangman's Hymn also features some of the shortest songs in the Sigh discography.

Track listing[edit]

Act I[edit]

  1. "Introitus/Kyrie" – 4:30
  2. "Inked in Blood" – 3:21
  3. "Me-Devil" – 3:17

Act II[edit]

  1. "Dies Iræ/The Master Malice" – 5:45
  2. "The Memories as a Sinner" – 3:32
  3. "Death with Dishonor" – 3:04
  4. "In Devil's Arms" – 4:33

Act III[edit]

  1. "Overture/Rex Tremendæ/I Saw the World's End" – 6:06
  2. "Salvation in Flame/Confutatis" – 5:08
  3. "Hangman's Hymn/In Paradisum/Das Ende" – 5:11


  • Mirai Kawasima - Vocal, orchestrations, piano
  • Satoshi Fujinami - Bass
  • Shinichi Ishikawa - Guitar
  • Junichi Harashima - Drums
  • Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice) - Guitar solo on #4
  • Mike "Gunface" McKenzie (The Red Chord) - Guitar solo on #7
  • Chuck Keller (Ares Kingdom) - Guitar solo on #5
  • Aurielle Gregory (Giant Squid) - Female vocal on #4
  • Tim Conroy - Trumpet on #1, #4, #10
  • Steven Sagala (Enforsaken) - Requiem choir
  • Void (Samas) - Requiem choir
  • Glendalis Gonzalez - Requiem choir
  • Claire Joseph - Requiem choir
  • Zack Bissell - Requiem choir
  • Grant Taylor - Requiem choir
  • T. Osada – Audio engineering
  • James MurphyMastering engineer

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