Hanna Mina

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Hanna Mina
حنا مينة
Born (1924-03-09) 9 March 1924 (age 93)
Latakia, Syria
Occupation Novelist
Language Arabic
Nationality Syrian

Hanna Mina (Arabic: حنا مينة‎‎) (9 March 1924 in Latakia) is a Syrian writer, described as "Syria's most prominent novelist".[1]

His early novels belong to the movement of social realism, and focus on class conflict; his later works contain "a more symbolic analysis of class differences".[1] His writing on the suffering of ordinary people was partly inspired by his own experiences, alternately working as a stevedore, barber and journalist; his autobiographical short story, "On the Sacks", was published in 1976. Several of his works are set during the period of the French Mandate of Syria, or in the period immediately following independence.[1]

Mina was awarded the Arab Writer's Prize in 2005, for his collective works.[1]