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One of the new schools in Steinbach, Hanover's Clearspring Middle School completed in 2012.

Hanover School Division is a rural school division in Manitoba, Canada. It has its major centre in Steinbach, Manitoba which is the fastest growing city in Manitoba, and the third largest city in Manitoba with a population of around 13,000. The division is located southeast of Winnipeg and the division office is located in Steinbach. Hanover is overseen by a board of 10 elected trustees from 6 different wards.

Two new schools were constructed in Steinbach and were completed in 2012 and 2013 respectively.[1] One new middle school, Stonybrook Middle School with a capacity for about 800 students that was built on the east side of Steinbach. A new high school was also be built non the site of the Steinbach Regional Secondary School and adding it to the original building, effectively expanding the school's capacity. These two new schools were announced as part of the federal deficit spending in 2009 and as a response to the waves of new immigrants attending school. Many schools in the area are filled to capacity and are using temporary structures to house and educate students.

As of late 2016 the latest round of new schools include a new 400 seat 9-12 high school, a 650 seat k-4 elementary school (both for Niverville), a new school for New Bothwell, and a new 480 seat k-4 elementary school in Steinbach.[2]

Schools in the Hanover School Division[edit]

Steinbach Regional Secondary School in Steinbach, and Hanover's largest school.
School Level Location Students
Blumenort School Elementary (K-9) Blumenort, Manitoba 414 (2009–10)
Bothwell School Elementary (K-9) New Bothwell, Manitoba 191 (2009–10)
Clearspring Middle School Middle School (5-8) Steinbach, Manitoba 558[3] (2016-17)
Crystal Spring (K-12) Ste. Agathe, Manitoba 39 (2009–10)
Elmdale Elementary School Elementary (K-4) Steinbach, Manitoba 294[4] (2016–17)
Green Valley School High School (5-12) Grunthal, Manitoba 515[5] (2016–17)
Kleefeld School Elementary (K-8) Kleefeld, Manitoba 344[6] (2015–16)
Landmark Collegiate High School (7-12) Landmark, Manitoba 220[7] (2016–17)
Landmark Elementary Elementary (K-6) Landmark, Manitoba 240[8] (2016–17)
Mitchell Elementary Elementary (K-4) Mitchell, Manitoba 425[9] (2016–17)
Mitchell Middle Middle School (5-8) Mitchell, Manitoba 275[10] (2016–17)
Niverville Collegiate High School (5-12) Niverville, Manitoba 424 (2012-13)
Niverville Elementary Elementary (K-5) Niverville, Manitoba 391 (2009–10)
South Oaks School Elementary (K-4) Grunthal, Manitoba 365[11] (2016–17)
Southwood Elementary School Elementary (K-4) Steinbach, Manitoba 441[12] (2016–17)
Stonybrook Middle School Middle School (5-8) Steinbach, Manitoba 385[13] (2016–17)
Steinbach Regional Secondary School High School (9-12) Steinbach, Manitoba 1200[14] (2016–17)
Woodlawn School Elementary (K-4) Steinbach, Manitoba 570[15] (2016–17)
Total enrollment (approximate) 7,399

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