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Hans is the oldest and one of the most prestigious literary magazine, in Hindi language.[1]


Established by Premchand in 1930, it had Mahatma Gandhi in its editorial board and continued till 1956, when it was shut down by Amrit Rai, due to financial woes.[1] The magazine was revived in 1986 by Rajendra Yadav, a noted short-story writer and novelist.[2][3][4] His daughter Rachana, was bequeathed the ownership, after his death in 2013.[1]


The magazine is currently priced at INR 40 per issue and claims a consistent readership of about twelve thousand readers every month — two and a half thousand annual subscribers plus around nine thousand copies sold through vendors.[1]


Under Yadav's tutelage, Hans has been noted for its promotion of feminist and Dalit writers.[1]


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