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Hans is a Hindi monthly literary magazine published from Delhi. The magazine was first started by pioneer of modern Hindi literature Premchand in 1930, and revived in 1986 by Rajendra Yadav, a noted short-story writer and novelist.[1]

In 1930,[2] Hans began publication under the editorship of Premchand. Mahatma Gandhi and K. M. Munshi. They were associated with Hans to provide an impetus to creative writing. It became a forum projecting national problems and encouraged socially relevant fiction during the struggle for Indian independence.

In 1936 Hans ceased publication following the death of Premchand.[2] The magazine was revived in 1986 with Rajendra Yadav as editor. In the following years Hans rose to become the largest read Hindi literary magazine , and continues to enjoy this position till date. Subsequent to Rajendra Yadav's demise in 2013, Hans is now published and managed by his daughter Rachana Yadav , under the editorship of another noted short story writer Sanjay Sahay.



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