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This article is about the alleged KGB spy. For German statesman in the 17th century, see Hans Erasmus Aßmann.

Hans Assmann (December 9, 1923 – June 19, 1998 in Danderyd hospital in Sweden) was a German who immigrated to Finland and still later to Sweden. Allegedly, he was a KGB spy. A known fact is that he lived in Finland in 1950s and 1960s.

A former police officer, editor Matti Paloaro claims that Assmann called him in December 1997 and asked him to come and listen to his life story. According to Paloaro, Assmann told that he had served in SS troops and also as a guard in Auschwitz during World War II. He was disappointed with Nazism after he fell in love with a Jewish girl. When the relationship was found out, he was sent to the Eastern Front. He was captured by Soviets and sent to prison camp. There, he chose to become a spy.[citation needed]

Assmann has also been linked to the Lake Bodom murders as a potential suspect.[1] According to the Finnish police, he had an alibi. He has also been linked in two other unsolved murder cases in Finland, including that of Kyllikki Saari.