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Hantu Tinggi (Tall Ghost) is a usually a formed tree possessed from a Malay demon. It only exists in the Western and Eastern regions of Malaysia. In Thailand, Hantu Tinggi likely resembles a closer myth called Preta.

Other names[edit]

Usually people in West Malaysia consider calling it Bajang Tinggi which means tall demon, or otherwise Tinggi Puaka in modern culture of Malaysia.


Hantu Tinggi, also similar to the Hantu Galah, which is a spirit in the structure of a bamboo in the forest. The Hantu tinggi is said that it is so high it reaches the sun. Malay villagers can only see the Hantu tinggi's waist, causing it to grow to a height taller from its original body size. They are usually formed from a tree trunk and are alive from a spirit's possession. People can get a sudden blind issue or an illness when people use eye contact with the Hantu tinggi. If a nearby person approaches the spirit, it could be found in another portal or land. The people in the land that is in the east or west of Malaysia, if they need security from the Hantu tinggi they will refuse eye contact and walk away. If you do use eye contact, another issue is the Hantu tinggi can choke you and your neck will prevent lack of air and also die from the altitude. Families tell a caution to their children not to go close to a tall tree because they could die from the Hantu tinggi's form.

In popular culture[edit]

The Hantu tinggi is also similar to the popular Hantu galah which means pole ghost. They are meant to be the same, but the Hantu tinggi is formed from a palm tree or a coconut tree and a Hantu galah is formed inside bamboo.

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