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The Haradnichanka, Haradnitsa (Belarusian: Гараднічанка, Гарадніца; Russian: Городничанка, Gorodnichanka; Lithuanian: Gardinėlė) is a river in Hrodna and Hrodna district, Belarus.

The headwaters of the Haradnichanka river are in the Kulbaki village to the north-west of Hrodna, Belarus.

The river has one tributory - the Yurysdyka river.

The river roughly follows the edge of the glaciation during the last ice age.

The Haradnichanka river enters the Neman River near the Orthodox church of Sts. Boris and Gleb Kolozha and the Old Hrodna Castle

Coordinates: 53°40′39″N 23°49′14″E / 53.67750°N 23.82056°E / 53.67750; 23.82056