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Harald Lie (21 November 1902 - 23 May 1942) was a Norwegian composer. He died young of tuberculosis and is mainly remembered for one composition, Skindvengbrev ("A Bat's Letter"), an orchestral song after his own wind quintet.[1]

The poem Skinnvengbrev ("A Bat's Letter") is by Aslaug Vaa and was also later set by Geirr Tveitt; it begins "Eg trudde eingong du hadde gøymt deg, at både du og Gud ha gløymt meg,.." (English: "Once I thought you had gone hiding, that I was forgotten by you and By God, and I was the least of created things"). Kirsten Flagstad recorded Lie's orchestral song, together with a less well known song by Lie, Nykelen ("The Key"), with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Øivin Fjeldstad.


  1. ^ Listen to Norway - Volumes 7-8 1999 "Some composers have the misfortune to be remembered solely for one composition, as was the European-oriented Harald Lie (1902-42), whose orchestral song Skindvengbrev (Bat Letter, text by Aslaug Vaa) was after his wind quintet he "