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Harald Martin Bergmann Madsen
Harald Madsen "Bivognen" "Släpvagnen".jpg
Born(1890-11-20)20 November 1890
Silkeborg, Denmark
Died13 July 1949(1949-07-13) (aged 58)
Usseroed, Denmark
Years active1917-1948
Fy og Bi in the magazine Se, 1947

Harald Martin Bergmann Madsen [1](20 November 1890 – 13 July 1949) was a Danish film actor. He appeared in 51 films between 1917 and 1948. Harald Madsen was a part of the Danish comedian couple Fyrtårnet og Bivognen (Fy og Bi), known as "Long & Short" in England and "Ole & Axel" in the U.S, alongside his partner Carl Schenstrøm (Fy).[2]

He was born in Silkeborg, Denmark and died in Usseroed, Denmark.

Selected filmography[edit]


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