Hard Feelings (film)

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Hard Feelings
Directed byDaryl Duke
Produced byHarold Greenberg
Written byJohn Herzfeld
W.D. Richter
Based onHard Feelings novel by Don Bredes
StarringCarl Marotte
Charlayne Woodard
Grand Bush
Music byMicky Erbe
Maribeth Solomon
CinematographyHarry Makin
Edited byTony Lower
Distributed byAstral Films (Canada)
20th Century Fox (US)
Release date
December 10, 1982
Running time
105 minutes

Hard Feelings (also known as Hang Tough)[1][2][3] is a 1982 Canadian drama film directed by Daryl Duke.[3]


In 1963, Barnie Margruder is a teenager dealing with school bullies, fighting parents, conflicting feelings about sex, and a bad relationship with his girlfriend. His life changes when he befriends with Winona, an African-American girl from the other side of the tracks who gives him a new perspective on his hometown and the world.



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