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Alison Eavis Harding Frew (1883-1952), known professionally as "Harding Frew", was an Australian civil engineer primarily concerned with engineering projects in Queensland, his home state.

Early life[edit]

Alison Eavis Harding Frew was born in 1883 in Roma, Queensland, the son of Robert Dickson Alison Frew (a civil engineer) and his wife Elizabeth Constance (née Harding).[1][2] He was educated at Brisbane Grammar School and University of Sydney.[1][3]

He married his cousin Beatrice Doris Harding in St John's Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane on Wednesday 13 September 1911.[3][4][5]

Engineering career[edit]

Harding Frew began his career in the Queensland Railways Department in 1908. In 1911, he established a private practice where he focussed on municipal projects such as:[1]

  • wharves
  • bridges
  • electricity supplies
  • water and sewerage services

He consulted to over 100 local government authorities in Queensland in addition to work in New South Wales and Victoria.[1]


Harding Frew built over 80 bridges throughout Queensland, including:[1]

Outside of Queensland, he was involved in the construction of:

He was responsible for water supply projects in:[1]

William Jolly Bridge[edit]

This is his most notable project. Erected as a series of bow-string sections it was either the fourth or sixth crossing of the river in Brisbane. Built of concrete sprayed steel, (gunite), a Swiss system, and completed in 1932, it was renamed from the Grey Street Bridge to the William Jolly Bridge, in 1955, after an erstwhile Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Later life[edit]

Harding Frew died at his home in Adamson Street, Eagle Junction on 4 July 1952;[6] he was 69 years old.[1]


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