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Haripada Bandwala (2016 film)
Haripada Bandwala.jpg
Directed by Pathikrit Basu
Produced by Srikant Mohata
Mahendra Soni
Written by A/s
Screenplay by N. K. Salil
Story by Pathikrit Basu
Starring Ankush Hazra
Nusrat Jahan
Music by Indradeep Dasgupta
Cinematography Iswar Barik
Edited by Md. Kalam
Distributed by Shree Venkatesh Films
Release date
23 December 2016
Country India
Language Bengali
Budget 2.8 crore
Box office 15 Lakh

Haripada Bandwala is an Indian Bengali language romantic comedy film directed by Pathikrit Basu and Produced by Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni under the banner of Shree Venkatesh Films. The film stars Ankush Hazra and Nusrat Jahan in lead roles. The songs are choreographed by Baba Yadav and Adil Shaikh.

It is a remake of 2014 Punjabi comedy film Disco Singh,[1] which itself was loosely based on the 2009 Bollywood film Do Knot Disturb which in turn was a remake of the 2006 French film The Valet (French: La Doublure).

Plot summary[edit]

Haripada Poddar (Ankush Hazra) is an inspiring band musician who dreams of making a video album with his dream model and actress Sweety (Nusrat Jahan). But he fed up of his fate that only one CD of his audio album was sold which resulted in huge loss and he was deep drowned in debt. Although he repeatedly addresses him as a 'world-famous celebrity Haripada Bandwala'. Nandalal (Kharaj Mukherjee) a fierce don of the society (although comical in his attitude), along with his assistants- Sona (Pradip Dhar) and Mona (Biswanath Basu) goes to kill Sukhendu Talapatra (Biswajit Chakraborty), a rich industrialist for some case of taking money from him. Nadalal orders Sona and Mona to throw the corpse in Ganga, although he knew they were very forgetful. Nandalal is very fearful of his wife Madhobi (Laboni Sarkar) and goes to buy eatables and a gift for her wife as she orderd him. While returning home Nandalal notices a hoarding of Sweety posing for an advertisement of a soap, and falls for her. He thinks of bringing Sweety in a marriage party of his friend producer Dilip Da, by paying all the monetary charges. Haripada is confronted over phone for dues he took for loan, for the CD album, but unable to pay due to loss, just then he is informed to play his band at a wedding party. He finds Sweety there but can't have the chance to meet her because Nandalal who was present there was talking with her. A photographer sees the moment and takes snaps of Nandalal and Sweety talking but Haripada's photo came in between them when he was trying to meet Sweety. While returning home Haripada saves a girl named Sonia (Swastika Dutta) from some local goons and Sonia started liking him. The photo was printed in news next day which is happened to be seen by Madhobi and she was furious by the news because it is rumored that Nandal and Sweety has an affair. Also his father in law Dadoo (means Daddy) (Rajatava Dutta) sees the news and calls him over phone about what he is doing each and everytime. To tackle the situation, Nandalal said his wife that, Sweety was talking to him along with her boyfriend (the photo of Haripada) for some matter. Although Madhobi not satisfactory, calls Gublu (Kanchan Mullick) who calls himself 'James Bond, Bangla Version' her brother who is a detective to find out who is the boy in the photograph in newspaper, whether he is with Sweety or not. Nandalal, also to fool the detective calls Haripada to act be with Sweety and also threatens Sweety for the same as to act like 'girlfriend-boyfriend'. He first tells Haripada to be with Sweety every time but cannot touch her, with 3 feet distance to maintain from her. But due to the detective's repeated observations on the two, Nandalal allows him to touch Sweety but no to go further than that. Again when the detective says that love without kissing is not love, Nandalal says him to kiss her just like a sister. Sweety comes to know Nandalal's instruction to Haripada and misunderstand's Hari, thinking Hari would obey Nandalal. But instead Haripada respects her showing his collections related to Sweety which makes Sweety likes him. Hari gifts her a Sari in her birthday. Now Sonia started loving Haripada because he saves her from the goons many times, even once she provoked them, just to see Hari saves her or not. Also Madhobi falls in love for Haripada seeing his pictures all over in her rooms snapped by Gublu. But Haripada actually loves Sweety when she proposes him. But Nandalal tangles Haripada in trouble by giving a gun to touch for his fingerprints and makes Sweety say that she acted and lied that she loved him, rather she is Nandalal's girlfriend. Hari is left heartbroken. Problem arises when Talapatra's dead body is found in Ganga and Sona & Mona forgets that they themselves have thrown it in the river, calls police. The Police inspector (Supriyo Dutta) searches his house and Haripada is accused of murdering Talapatra, sent to jail. Now, Both Sweety and Sonia along with Madhobi in love for Haripada Bandwala, goes to release him from jail; it is revealed to Haripada that Madhobi is Nandalal's wife and Sonia is Nandalal's daughter. More comical events occur, when Nandalal arrives at that point to kill Haripada as his wife, daughter and his girlfriend all are in love for Haripada, a cheap Band musician. At one juncture Dadoo arrives from Dubai, who is a greater don and actually made Nandalal a don of Kolkata. he suddenly becomes soft as he came to know that Haripada Bandwala is an artist whoes CD album he bought-the only one person who bought his CD and he listens to it everyday. Nandalal is frustrated as his plan for harassing Haripada fails, and Dadoo promises him to help Haripada make a video album along with Hari's dream star Sweety.



Haripada Bandwala
Soundtrack album by Indradeep Dasgupta
Released 23 December 2016
Genre Feature film Soundtrack
Label Shree Venkatesh Films
Indradeep Dasgupta chronology
Haripada Bandwala Tomake Chai
(2017)Tomake Chai2017

Track listing[2][edit]

1."Shona"Indradeep DasguptaNakash Aziz, Antara Mitra04:22
2."Bojhabo Ki Kore"Indradeep DasguptaArijit Singh, Anwesha Datta Gupta04:47
3."Eksho Vrindaban"Indradeep DasguptaNakash Aziz, Payel Dev04:02
4."Prem E Pagol"Indradeep DasguptaArijit Dev, Biswajeeta Dev, Swarnali Bhowmik04:11
5."Bole De Na"Indradeep DasguptaTimir Biswas05:30


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