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Harmoneons, 1846

The Harmoneons were a blackface musical singing group in the 19th-century United States. The group began as the "Albino Family" in 1843, and later became the "Harmoneon Family."[1] Principal group members included L.V.H. Crosby;[2] Marshall S. Pike (1818-1901);[2][3] James Power;[2] and John Power[4] Through the years others associated with the group included: F.B. Howe;[5] Francis Lynch;[4] W.H. Mower, manager;[4] T.B. Prendergast;[4] and F.A. Reynolds.[4] In 1847 the Harmoneons performed for President James Polk at the White House.[2] The group sang throughout the U.S., including Baltimore, Maryland (1846-1847, 1850, 1853);[6] Trenton, New Jersey (1847);[7] Portsmouth, New Hampshire (1848);[8] Lowell, Mass. (1849); Salem, Mass. (1849); Belfast, Maine (1850, 1852);[9] and in Boston at the Melodeon (1849), Horticultural Hall (1849, 1851), and other venues. They also toured in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[10]


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