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Book cover Folk tales from many lands by Lilian Gask, published 1910 by Harrap&Co

George G. Harrap, Ltd (officially: George G. Harrap and Company Limited, London,[1] Bombay)[2] is a now defunct publisher of high quality specialty books, many of them educational, such as the memoirs of Winston Churchill, or highly illustrated with line drawings, engravings or etchings, such as the much republished classic educational children's book The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone[3] from at least 1901[4][5] into the 1980s.[6]

Sometime after 1986, George G. Harrap and Co. was acquired and became part of Chambers Harrap of Scotland.

In September 2009 the Edinburgh offices of Harrap, as part of Chambers Harrap, were closed. The Harrap's section has been moved to Paris, where, according to a press release[7] by the owners, the plan is for Hachette Larousse publishers to manage it directly.


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