Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award

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The Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award
A golden medallion with an embossed image of a mustached man. Surrounding the bust in bold uppercase type is embossed the words, THE OPPENHEIMER MEMORIAL TRUST.
Awarded forThe top award for research on the African continent awarded to leading scholars who have a sustained record of outstanding research and intellectual achievement at the highest level.
CountrySouth Africa
Presented byThe Oppenheimer Memorial Trust
First awarded2001

The Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award is awarded annually by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust. It is considered the top award for research on the African continent.

In Memory of Harry Oppenheimer[edit]

The Award was created in 2001, in South Africa, by the Trustees of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, itself established in 1958 by Harry Oppenheimer in memory of his father, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.

The philanthropic vision of the once-richest man in the world is embedded within three foundations:[1]

  1. The Brenthurst Foundation contributes energetically to developing economic empowerment in Africa.
  2. The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust funds and encourages science, the arts and the search for knowledge, through various grants and initiatives, and awards Africa's premier research prize, the Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award.
  3. The Brenthurst Library which houses one of the largest collections of rare Africana in the world and the celebrated transcripts of Nelson Mandela's trials.

How the Fellowship Award is bestowed[edit]

Awardees are leading scholars who have a sustained record of outstanding research and intellectual achievement at the highest level. They must have demonstrated a capacity for and a commitment to knowledge transfer to their fellow citizens. Up to now the Award has only been presented to South Africans or South Africa-based academics.

The Award is made by a select committee and approved by the Trustees in December of each year. The Secretary General of the Academy of Science of South Africa chairs the selection proceedings.

The remittance ceremony takes place in April following the year of the Award, at the Oppenheimers’ residence, Brenthurst, in Johannesburg. The Award (a gold medal and a monetary prize) is bestowed by Mrs. Harry (Bridget) Oppenheimer.

List of Laureates[edit]


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