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Harry Stendhal is an American gallerist, arts organization founder, and entrepreneur.


As an art dealer he operated the Stendhal gallery in the Soho section of New York City and then the Maya Stendhal Gallery in Chelsea section of New York City (in partnership with his sister Maya) and exhibited among other artists; the painters Ron English and Rick Prol, the Dadaist Hans Richter[1] and the Fluxus group members Ken Friedman and Larry Miller.[2][3][4][5] During the second incarnation of his gallery he became ensnared in a legal imbroglio with the filmmaker and visual artist Jonas Mekas. Therein the then octagenarian accused the gallerist of selling his artwork without his consent and or reimbursement for among other things as an avenue for Stendhal to cover his tab at Cipriani.[6] The case was eventually settled.[7] In 2007 Hans Richter's artistic archives were displayed at the Gallery in an exhibition comprehensive of his Dada years and collaboration with Viking Eggeling, a fellow Dadaist who created the groundbreaking film Symphonie Diagonal and Hans Richter Rhythmus 21. The exhibition titled "Universal Language and the Avant-Garde" was covered in Artforum.[8]

After exhibiting George Macunias' work at his now closed commercial gallery he opened the foundation in 2011.[9] The organization which when it had an artspace purpose' was to exhibit the entire inter-disciplinary body work of George Maciunas the Lithuanian born co-founder of the Fluxus art movement.[10] Stendhal's exhibitions of Maciunas' work were covered by among others Anthony Haden-Guest in the Financial Times[11] and Fionn Meade in ArtForum.[12]

In 1991 the Soho gallery hosted a benefit organized for the charity God's Love We Deliver which brings meals to homebound people with Aids and other serious illnesses organized by late fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo and featuring men's suits by such designers as Issac Mizrahi, Todd Oldham and Romeo Gigli which were then embellished (painted upon) by such artists as Ronnie Cutrone and Ron English.[13] In 2004 Harry and his sister Maya commissioned the painter and filmmaker Jeff Scher to create an animated film portrait of their friend Susan Shin and then offered the ability to commission a similar rendering to gallery clients. This endeavor which was reported on by the New York Times.[14]

Stendhal himself is a presence on the New York City social scene whose events draw press coverage as does his goings on about town.[15][16]

Fluxus llc. and the Fluxhouse[edit]

In 2014 Stendhal was joined in his Fluxus project by the PRC born Chinese-American architect and founder of the World Home Foundation,[17] Fanyu Lin with whom in 2013 he co-founded Fluxus llc, a privately held construction technology firm.[18] The company which Lin describes as being.."committed to scaling solutions for providing sustainable and affordable housing, and building dignified homes for all, through a unique prefabricated building technology, utilizing advanced building materials and a fully integrated technology platform – the Fluxus System"... .[19][20][21]  In 2020 Stendahl and Lin in with cooperation with Arcadis presented "Harnessing Prefabrication to Tackle the Affordable Housing Challenge: A Global Partnership Approach" at the Advancing Prefabrication conference in Dallas, Texas.[22] Their prototype the "Fluxhouse" is currently shown in Augmented reality on the website of the World Economic Forum for whom Fluxus llc. is helping to implement augmented reality technology.[23]


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