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A cover of Digbijoyi Harshabardhan illustrated by Purnendu Pattrea and published by Ananda Publishers, one of a number of books featuring short stories with Harshabardhan

Harshabardhan (Bengali: হর্ষবর্ধন) is the name of a humorous fictional character in Bengali created by Shibram Chakraborty.[1] Harshabardhan along with his younger brother Gobardhan, his wife, and the author Shibram are the subject of a number of satirical short stories. A characteristic of these stories is acerbic wit, play on words, and a characteristic goodnaturedness on the part of the characters. Harshabardhan is a successful black-marketeer dealing in timber who was born in Tezpur, Assam, migrates and lives in Ranaghat, West Bengal. Often to hide his ignorance on day-to-day matters, he comes up with outlandish explanations to impress his devoted younger brother and wife.


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