Hasan Fehmi

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For the member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, see Hasan Fehmi Ataç.
This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Hasan Fehmi is the given name, and there is no family name.
The grave of Hasan Fehmi

Hasan Fehmi Bey (1874 – April 6, 1909) was the editor-in-chief of Serbestî, an Ottoman newspaper, in which he wrote articles against the newly emerging Committee of Union and Progress. He was murdered by unidentified assailants on the evening of April 6, 1909, as he was crossing the Galata Bridge in Istanbul.

Hasan Fehmi Bey was born to an ethnic Albanian family. He was buried at the tomb (türbe) of Sultan Mahmud II on Divan Yolu Caddesi in Istanbul.