Hashimoto Mantaro

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Hashimoto Mantaro
Born(1932-11-26)November 26, 1932
DiedJune 7, 1987(1987-06-07) (aged 54)
Other names橋本 萬太郎

Hashimoto Mantarō (橋本 萬太郎, 26 November 1932 – 7 June 1987) was a Japanese-born sinologist who published many books on Sinitic languages, phonology, the Hakka language, lexicology, Taiwanese Hokkien, and the influence of Altaic languages on Mandarin Chinese.


List of published books and academic papers[edit]

  • "The Bon-shio (文昌) Dialect of Hainan — A Historical and Comparative Study of Its Phonological Structure, First part: The Initials" (1960), 《ジュンヤン語(ソビェト・ドゥンガーン語)研究書目解題》 (1962)
  • 《西夏国書字典同音の同居韻》 (1963)
  • The Phonology of Ancient Chinese (1978)
  • 《客家语基础语汇集》 (1972)
  • The Hakka Dialect (1973)
  • 《言语类型地理论》 (1977)
  • The Altaicization of Northern Chinese (1986)
  • Hakka in Wellentheorie Perspective.
  • Current Developments in Sino-Vietnamese Studies
  • A phonological characterization of syllabic intonations in the so-called tone languages.
  • The current state of Sino-Vietnamese studies. Journal of Chinese Linguistics.

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